Worth Checking Out


Integrating the arts in education. This is how one school uses methods now mostly reserved for the arts to teach non-art subjects.

Why colleges should encourage students to transfer. There’s so much more to say about the cultural differences of a community college and a four-year institution, but this is a start.

Modeling effective writing. Don’t just show them the finished product either; show them the process behind it.

A case for bringing back home ec. It seems pretty obvious to me that young people today need to know the basics of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children, and many of those tasks incorporate lots of interdisciplinary study. I would love to teach a modern home ec course!


 An argument for keeping handwriting part of our lives. The more I read about the benefits of handwriting, the less I’m inclined to let students take photos of notes I’ve written on the board.

Lynda Barry on teaching creativity to non-artists. “It’s my way of being a mom. No, not a mom–the crazy auntie that everybody needs.” I’ve always thought of myself as the older and slightly wiser sibling, but I definitely love the “crazy auntie” moniker.

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